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First Front row (from the left): Richard Cloud, Bud Rocka, Wayne Walker, Det. Wareham (I believe he left TPD and went to the HCSO - He recently passed away), Julius Scott.
> Second row (from the left): E.D. Williams, Willie Nail, Tony Romano, Ron Rager, Louis Napoli, Curtis Reeves, Herman Richardson, (Unknown person).
> Third row (from the left): John Pierola, Harry Scott, Bud Maxey, Guy Woolweaver, (Unknown person), (Unknown person).






The Below Photo's have been provided by Rufus Lewis


Rufus Lewis and John Lane                 


                                                                                                                                                                                Sam Brazelton and Rufus Lewis



These pictures were taken at Cascaded Park 15th Street and 21st Ave.   We had a real good team. We beat a team called the Freaks.  I hit a few home runs out of the park and across 15th street.
Some said the ball carried well over 350 feet.  This was a big Community Relations Game.   These were some TPD officers kids at this game. Some wanted my autograph.
I'm sure you know most of these players. Darby White, Richard Joy and Col Jim Diamond to name a few.  Mayor Dick Greco and Judge Charles Scruggs participated.

This team won the City of Tampa Recreation Summer League Tournament during the late 70's.

Players: Front row L to R  Bob Sheehan, Ricky Smith, Sam Jones Jr, Randy Bell and Police new Recruit Joseph Jones, Sam's younger brother.

Back row L to R  Police new Recruit Robert Roby, Fred Collins, Rufus Lewis and James Bowers.





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