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This page is dedicated to the memory of Tampa's Finest

"Police" "Fire" and "Family"

City Fire & Police Pension Memorial Link

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18star3c.gifLeander M. Adema, died 11/2/13, Fire

Robert J. Akins, died 8/19/06, Fire

18star3c.gifRay Alcover, died 02/08/15, Fire

18star3c.gifJames Alderman, died 01/22/15, Fire

Fernan E. Alfaro, 4/3/20, Fire

David L. Allen, died 9/24/05, Fire

Daniel  E. Almeida, died 10/3/05, Fire

Carolyn Alfonso-Freeman, died 10/29/15, Fire spouse of Mike Alfonso

Feliciano Alvarez, died 3/8/04, Fire

18star3c.gifOscar "Al" Alvarez, Jr. died 6/26/12, Police

Paul R. Andersen, died 5/19/11, Fire

Jonathan W. Anderson, died 1/6/04, Police

18star3c.gifCharles W. Andrews, Jr., died 2/10/14, Fire

18star3c.gifFred Thomas Arnold III, died 8/27/16,  Police

Carl Henry Artz, died 1/26/05, Fire

Howard R. Ashby, born 1/11/30, died 6/14/05, Fire

18star3c.gifKenneth P. Ayers, died 6/6/12, Fire


Benjamin F. Bailey, died 8/9/10, Fire

Carleen Bailey, died 2/28/15, Fire

Margaret E. Bailey, died 4/22/05, Police spouse of Dewitt C. Bailey

Edward Barbanell, died 1/14/16, Fire

Arthur Barfield, 4/13/20, Fire

Edward R. Batson, 9/8/20, Police

18star3c.gifWilliam P. "BeBop" Bebler, died 1/9/16, Police

Cloyice Barney, died 12/27/14, Police spouse of Harold Barney

Broward O. Bass, born 5/18/35, died 7/10/05, Fire

O. E. Bass, died 7/29/10, Fire

18star3c.gifC. Virginia Beasley, died 1/14/13, Fire spouse of  Harold Beasley

Charles J. Beazell, died 4/6/18, Fire

Darvin Beckett, died 4/27/17, Fire

18star3c.gifJonathan D. Belk, died 12/10/13, Police

Lowell Warren Bennett, 5/12/20, Police

Ennis J. Benton, Jr.,  died 2/9/04, Fire

Roy Betancourt Jr.,  died 10/30/07, Fire

Joe Bethencourt,  died 4/15/06, Fire

Robert W. Bettinger, 1/22/19, Fire

Paula Bevan died 8/24/13, Police spouse of Russell Bevan

18star3c.gifRussell D. Bevan, died 2/7/12, Police

Lewis E. Bevell, 10/2/20, Fire

18star3c.gifJoseph A. Billek died 3/6/12

Leland Biggs born 3/20/38, died 1/25/07- Fire

Jeffery A. Black, died 4/29/11, Fire

James W. Blevins Jr. died 9/14/06, Fire

Robert Borchard, died 6/30/15, Police

Gladys Knighten Boone, died 7/20/10, Fire spouse of William D. Boone

Roy D. Boone, died 8/21/10, Fire

William D. Boone, born 11/5/27, died 3/5/04, Fire

Earl F. Bowe, died 10/4/10, Fire

Fannie Pearl Boyer, died 8/3/03, Fire spouse of Fred Boyer

Fuessel Bradford, died 11/24/14, Fire

John D. Branch, 3/17/19, Fire

John F. Brannigan, died 10/27/15, Police

Dorothy H. Breslin, born 10/13/15, died 1/21/06, Police spouse of John Joseph Breslin

18star3c.gifJulian E. Bridges, died 02/27/15, Police

Clayton Briggs, born 8/16/31, died 3/15/05, Police

William E. Broedlow died 1/7/18, Fire

Derrell Brown, died 10/19/14, Police

18star3c.gifNorman H. Brown, died 10/9/13, Police

Victor R. Brown, born 10/28/20, died 5/8/05, Police

John W. Bruce, Sr., born 3/27/35, died 7/31/3, Police

John Bruschi, died 3/16/11, Police

18star3c.gifJames William Bryan Jr. born 9/26/50, died 11/15/08 Police 

18star3c.gifGerald W. Buie, died 9/9/12, Fire

Matthew Bunch, died 5/5/15, Fire

18star3c.gifRobert A. Buggica, died 4/9/15, Fire

Roy D. Burkhard, 9/23/17, Police

Carol Butler, died 10/12/14 Police spouse of Wallace Butler

Gustine Butler 12/24/19, Fire

Jean E. Byran, died 1/16/13, Police spouse of  James Byran


18star3c.gifWilliam Caballero Jr. 9/28/17, Police

18star3c.gifCharles S. Campbell, died 11/17/18, Fire

Mabel G. Cannella, died 5/31/05, Fire spouse of Joseph Cannella

Carol B. Carballa, died 11/29/10, Police spouse of Raymond Carballa

Alfred J. Carlisle, died 11/3/12, Fire

Charles Carreno, 7/18/17, Police

Servando Carreno, died 10/29/10, Fire

18star3c.gifGeorge Rogers Carter, Sr. died 1/12/12, Fire

Maxine W. Cartwright, died  4/9/99, Police spouse of George E. Cartwright

18star3c.gifMichael Ray Cary, died  2/17/16, Police

Jack Chastain 2007, Fire

18star3c.gifRoland E. Chacon, died 8/11/12, Fire

18star3c.gifRaymond S. Chrznowski, died 12/31/13, Police

18star3c.gifKimberly Clark, died 01/24/15, Fire

18star3c.gifH. Claire Cleveland, died 7/12/15, Police spouse of Charles Cleveland

Cathy L. Clarke, died 10/23/19, Police

18star3c.gifPatrick S. Coakley, died 10/01/18, Police

Horace C. Coker, born 1/25/35, died 5/12/04, Fire

Carolyn W. Coller, 2003, Police spouse of Myles H. Collier

E. Thomas Collins, died 5/7/17, Police

James Conklin,  died 7/15/07, Police

Justo "John" Cohalla, died 04/07/1992

Roma Lee Coleman, 9/24/20, Fire

 18star3c.gifDennis Leverne Conner, died 8/18/09, Fire

Carl Conte, born 9/30/25, died 11/24/08 Fire

Jesus A. Corrales, 4/14/20, Fire

George Cortez died 1/1/18, Fire

18star3c.gifStanley W. Coscia, died 4/1/17, Fire

18star3c.gifJohn L. Counsman III, died 6/12/12, Police

18star3c.gifMarilyn J.Cowan, died 4/3/13, Police spouse of Richard Cowan

Wilbur H. Cromer, 8/30/05, Police

Dwight E. Crumpton, 1/11/20, Fire

18star3c.gifRenald Cruz, died 02/02/15, Fire

Ray I. Cruzan, died 7/26/10, Police

Charlene F. Culbertson, 11/22/06, Police

David L. Curtis, died 6/29/10, Police

18star3c.gifOrmond L. Curry, Jr. 11/27/17, Fire


Charles D. Dabbs, died 09/27/19, Police

Libbie M. Dame, born 8/28/25, died 1/26/04 Fire spouse of Thomas C. Dame

 18star3c.gifRandy W. Davis, 1/4/10, Police

Virginia DeCosta, died 5/26/07 Fire spouse of George DeCosta

Joaquin De La Llana, 2007 - Police

Rafael Del Castillo, 7/23/20, Fire

Richard DelValle, died  5/23/07, Police

Carmen DePaula, died 5/9/2016, Police spouse of Jerome J. DePaula

James Diamond, Jr. died 1/31/15, Police

Aurelio C. Diaz, Jr., died 1/13/05, Fire

Dora M. Diaz, died 11/11/15, Fire Spouse of Henry Diaz

Joe A. Diaz, Jr. 1/16/20, Police

Douglas A. Dinning, died 12/30/05, Police

Stanley R. Diokas 1/19/19, Police

18star3c.gifRichard L. Dittman died 3/4/18, Fire

Claude L. Dixon, died 4/19/05, Fire

Elijah Dixon Jr. died 11/24/09, Police

18star3c.gifRobert M. Drayne, died 2/5/10, Police

18star3c.gifLarry Dorsey, 6/20/15, Fire

Wanda M. Dougherty, died 9/20/06, Fire, spouse of James J. Dougherty

James W. Downum, 5/12/04, Police

James E. Duke, 2/9/04, Fire

Thomas M. Duncan, 5/2/13, Police

18star3c.gifJohn Eugene Dunigan, 3/26/12, Fire

Deborah J. Dunn, 07/23/19, Police

George F. Duque, 4/26/20, Fire

18star3c.gifRick T. Duran, 10/19/18, Police



18star3c.gifArthur Earnest, 3/2/18, Fire

Claribel A. Eddings, born 9/3/08, died 2/15/04 Police spouse of James L. Eddings

James Franklin Edenfield, died 12/15/14, Police

Charles F. Edwards, 1/16/20, Police

Elton Edwards, died 5/6/11, Fire

18star3c.gifHarley M. Elliot, died 7/16/15, Fire

Arline M. English, died 4/8/11, Fire spouse of Henry G. English

James E. Erskine, Jr. died 1/5/11, Fire

Paul M. Evans, died 7/29/11, Police

Bruce C. Everett, died 11/29/05, Fire


 18star3c.gifWilliam Clair "Bill" Fairbanks, died 4/21/16, Police

18star3c.gifJohn Fairbanks, died  4/13/13, Police

18star3c.gifFrank Farfante, died 12/31/11, Fire

Jake Irving Farrell, died 2/4/16, Fire

18star3c.gifPaul E. Faulkner, Jr. died 5/12/13 Police.

James N. Favata, Sr. 9/11/20, Fire

18star3c.gifJose A. Feliciano, died 5/22/2016, Police

Jerry T. Feltman, died 10/26/11, Police

18star3c.gifBrenda Fernandez, died 12/23/14 Fire spouse of Ralph Fernandez

Etelvino "Babe" Fernandez, died 8/27/09, Fire

Joseph M. Fernandez, 7/10/20, Fire

Ralph S. Fernandez, died 12/10/03, Fire

Larry Fernandez, Fire

Sylvia I. Fernandez, born 12/7/40, died 8/1/03,Fire spouse of Manuel Fernandez

Dolores L. Fields, died 6/5/10, Fire spouse of Homer C. Fields

Homer C. Fields, born 1/13/23, died 10/7/05, Fire

Norman F. Fleming, died 6/9/05, Fire

18star3c.gifWilliam "Bill" Lloyd Floyd, died 3/17/17, Police

Mary E. Flynt, died 1/29/04, Fire spouse of Ralph D. Flynt

James D. Forbes, died 9/13/10, Police

18star3c.gifAlfred L. Ford, died 11/8/08, Police

18star3c.gifJoseph Michael Fornino, Jr., died 09/28/19, Fire

Lucille M. Fox. died 8/10/04, Fire spouse of Bertrid O. Fox,

William A. Frady, died 5/15/05, Fire

Jimmy L. Frederick,, died 12/12/07, Police

Karl W. Frese, Sr. died 6/26/10, Police

18star3c.gifLorraine M. Friedley, died 2/29/16, Police spouse of George Friedley

Betty Fyfe, died 07/18/14, Fire spouse of Billy Fyfe

Billy Fyfe, Fire

Tommy J. Fyfe, died 6/16/03, Fire


18star3c.gifScott A. Garcia, died 10/20/15, Fire

Bobbie J. Garner,  died 11/10/07, Police

Don Gates, 7/20/09, Police

James W. Gates, died 6/21/04, Fire

18star3c.gifRaymond A. Gavilan, died  4/15/18, Fire

18star3c.gifDonald L. Geary, died  7/5/14, Fire

18star3c.gifFred Lee Gennille Sr., died 09/01/14, Fire

Frances Giles, died 9/9/13 Fire spouse of James Giles

18star3c.gifHoward "Medford" Gimbel, 5/7/16, Police

Barbara A. Ginesta, born 3/12/27, died 12/10/06, Police, s/spouse of Hector Ginesta

Clarence N. Ginn, Jr. 7/4/18 Police

Daisy A. Goff, died 9/18/10, Fire spouse of Earl Goff

Carl G. Gomillion, died 10/30/11, fire

Gerald R. Gordie, Sr., died 7/25/05, Fire

Timothy P. Grams, died 7/16/13, Police

Edgar Gray, died 3/22/06, Fire

18star3c.gif Frank Gray ,died 9/9/09 Fire

Curtis F. Griffin, Jr., died 7/7/05, Fire

Marvin T. Griffin, died 10/2/16. Fire

Randolph E. Griffin, died 1/10/14, Fire

George W. "Bill" Griffith, died 12/29/07, Police

Willard E. Grout, Jr. died 7/18/10, Fire

18star3c.gifJimmie Joe Guagliardo died 7/4/12, Fire

Nelson Guggino, died 11/9/14, Fire

18star3c.gifHarry D. Gundaker, died 6/13/12, Fire


18star3c.gifRoy "Fred" Haislop, Jr. died 11/3/09, Fire

Bobby E. Hallmark, 1/8/20, Fire

18star3c.gif Boyd Don "B.D." Hammonds, died 11/9/09, Fire

Ginger Hancock, died 4/30/15, Fire

Gary K. Hanes, died 4/22/17, Police

Wilfred G. "Bill" Hanson, died 12/31/07, Police

Benton L. Harrelson, died 5/27/05, Fire

18star3c.gifJoseph N. Harrell, Sr. died 3/18/14, Fire

Joe K. Harvill, 2/3/11, Fire

Robert T. Harris,11/7/12, Police

18star3c.gifRobert R. Hasty, 9/26/15, Fire

18star3c.gifArchie "Bert" Hatcher, 2/25/10, Police

Donald J. Hawald, 2/18/20, Fire

Eliseo G. Hernandez,5/3/03, Fire

Travis R. Higgins,10/13/11, Police

18star3c.gifFrank Hill, died 01/22/15, Fire

William C. Hill, 8/18/20, Police

18star3c.gifDiane L. Hinck, 4/29/18, Fire

John W. Hinton, 1/12/20, Police

18star3c.gifRobert A. Hobart, 11/13/16, Fire

John A. Hocker, 12/23/19, Police

Richard H. Hohn, born 12/8/51,12/16/06, Police

Howard  "Doc" Holloway, died 4/22/13, Police

James W. Houghtaling, died 12/25/06, Police

Albert J. Howard,  died 7/3/05, Fire

18star3c.gifFloyd M. Howard, died 1/22/14, Fire

James Hoyle, died 01/27/15, Fire

James Richard "J.R." Rock"  Hudson,  died 4/11/09, Fire

Michael T. Hughes, 12/30/03, Fire

Clarence C. Hunter, died 6/25/11, Police

Henry A. Huerta, 12/27/19, Police

Luisa Huerta, died 10/16/15, Police Spouse of Jesus M. Huerta

18star3c.gifWilliam M. Hyatt, died 6/8/15, Police


18star3c.gifJake Ingram, died 2/27/13, Fire


Claude Jackson, died 7/24/15, Police

18star3c.gifDavid A. Jackson, Sr. died 2/20/10 Police

18star3c.gifJames Edward Jarriel, Sr. died  3/25/15, Fire

Elbert I. Jaudon, Jr. died 6/1/13, Fire

Betty Jernigan, died 3/23/15 Fire spouse of Joseph Jernigan

Joseph Jernigan, died 3/12/13, Fire

Thomas E. Jammes, Sr. died 4/27/11, Police

Arlie W. Johns, Jr. died 5/30/13, Fire

18star3c.gifJames F. Johnson, died 2/27/17, Fire

Louie B. Johnson, 2/3/20, Fire

Michael D. Johnson, died 4/4/16, Police

Charlotte R. Johnston, died 4/8/05, Police

Colson R. Jones, died 12/21/12, Fire

Nancy V. Jones, died 1/27/11, Police spouse of Lester Jones

18star3c.gifJames William "Jimmy" Jones, died 6/16/12, Fire

18star3c.gifWalter E. Jones, died  8/8/17, Fire

William B. Jones, Jr. died 6/10/10, Fire

George D. Jordan, died 10/28/06, Fire

18star3c.gifRichard L. Joy, died 12/01/18, Police


Evelyn R. Kaplan, died 6/12/2016 Police Spouse of William Kaplin

William Kaplin 2007 Police

John M. Kasza, died 4/12/17, Fire

Edward W. Keenan, died 10/1/04, Police

Thomas P. Kern, died 7/31/11, Police

Glennwood Kibler, died 5/16/17, Police

18star3c.gifLowell D. Killian 5/25/18, Fire

18star3c.gifGeorge V. King, died 6/7/12, Fire

Kenneth G. King, died 10/12/19, Fire

Eddie B. Kirkland, died 10/3/07, Police

18star3c.gifBexie M. Kirksey,died 2/12/12 Fire spouse of Charles Kirksey

Rossie W. Knighton, died 12/7/10, Fire

Jeffrey A. Kocab, died 6/29/10, Police

18star3c.gifRonald L. Kolcun, 8/28/18, Fire

Dennis D. Kolpin, 4/13/20, Police

John Kotze, died 4/14/04, Police

18star3c.gifCharles R. Kremin, died 4/12/15, Fire

18star3c.gifGail Krikava, died 11/13/13, Police surviving spouse of William Krikava

Herman E. Kuhfahl, born 12/6/40, died 2/5/05, Fire

18star3c.gifPaul P. Kunkel, died 3/23/16, Fire


18star3c.gifStephen LaDue, 9/6/17, Fire

Lawson C. Lamb, died 7/12/04, Fire

18star3c.gifStephen Lambert 1/16/17, Police

Edward G. Lainio, 3/16/19, Police

David A. Lamont, 2/15/20, Fire

David L. Lamphere 4/12/18, Fire

Lamarcus Larry, 02/18/15, Police

James A. Lassiter, 4/7/07, Police

Rita Lassiter, 8/21/15, Police surviving spouse of James Lassiter

18star3c.gifJewel W. Lawton, 3/13/14, Police surviving spouse of Warren Lawton

Warren A. Lawton, 1/28/04, Police

Joe Lazzara, 12/15/04, Fire

Andrew Leavine, 3/4/07, Fire

18star3c.gifGene D. Leavine, died 8/29/12, Fire

Larry R. Lee, 8/9/20, Fire

Mack Lee, 3/16/05, Fire

Noel Lee, 3/7/04, Fire spouse of David R. Lee

James B. LeFevre, 7/31/10, Police

Myrna Lefstead, 3/20/13, Fire, spouse of Philip Lefstead

James R. Legan, died 7/22/10, Fire

Charlotte B. Lehmann, died 11/17/07, Fire, spouse of Lawrence C. Lehmann

Lawrence C. Lehmann, died 8/10/04, Fire

18star3c.gifTony Lemus, died 9/21/18, Fire

Catherine A. Lewis, died 6/2/04, Fire spouse of Herman M. Lewis

Ruth Lindquist, died 09/19/14, Fire spouse of William Lindquist

Arthur Llerandi, died 7/13/13, Fire

Edith P. Locke,  died 9/25/06, Police, spouse of Tommy E. Locke

Hilda M. Longworth,  died 3/13/06, Fire, spouse of Walter A. Longworth

Larry Lopez, died 1/9/16, Fire

Angelina Lostracco, died 3/24/15 Fire, spouse of John Lostracco

James C. Lucas,  died 3/12/07 Police

18star3c.gifDaniel John Lucas, died 1/23/10, Police

18star3c.gifTodd A. Lunge, died 8/2/12, Police

Lawrence "Larry" Scott Lynch, died 10/03/14, Police

18star3c.gifDaniel Lyons, 12/20/11, Police


Daniel M. Machin, died 8/9/11, Fire

Paul R. Madison, died 11/21/15, Police

Thomas L. Malcolm, Jr., 2003, Police

18star3c.gifDonald Manning, died 5/1/15, Fire

Eric E. Marlan, died 4/11/16, Police

Elwood H. Martin, Jr., 3/2/06, Fire

18star3c.gifEdward R. Martinez, 5/13/16, Fire

18star3c.gif Howard W. Martinez, died 3/7/10, Police

Rigoberto A. Martinez, 2003, Fire

18star3c.gifKenneth "K.O." Maskrey, 11/12/09, Police

18star3c.gifJames Massaro,  10/27/16, Fire

Jeffery T. Mauser, 3/27/19, Fire

Albert Matus, died 11/7/14, Fire

Carlin McAlister, Jr. diec 4/10/17, Fire

George N. McClintock, 7/14/04, Police

18star3c.gifGeorgina McCoy, died 01/17/15 Fire spouse of Hugh McCoy

Hugh McCoy 2007, Police

Benny D. McCubbins, died 05/07/19, Fire

John H. McCuistion, died 6/21/11, Fire

Charles D. McCullers, died 8/24/11, Police

Lois McDonald, died 4/15/16 Police spouse of James H. McDonald

Donald J.McDugald, died 8/19/13, Police

Ludie M. McDugald, died 3/29/16 Fire spouse of Donald McDugald

Robert J. McFarland, died, 2003, Police

Shelby McIntyre, died 5/25/15 Fire

Donald C. McKean, died 03/29/19, Fire

18star3c.gifRobert B. Mertens, died 9/10/12, Fire

18star3c.gifWillard J. Mexico, Jr. died  9/28/12, Fire

Eugene P. Mickel, 4/10/20, Police

Annette D. Miller, 8/12/12, Fire spouse of Robert Miller

Edward J. Miller, 10/11/04, Police

Catherine T. Mills, 3/5/04, Police spouse of Ralph J. Mills

Jewell "Buddy" Mills, died 9/14/10, Fire

18star3c.gifEarl Mintzer, died 7/15/14, Fire

George Mirialakis, died 2/6/04, Fire

18star3c.gifJoseph A. Mirabella, died 3/6/18,Police

Michael A. Mitchell, died 9/24/04, Police

William Mitchell, Fire

William G. Monts De Oca, 8/14/20, Fire

18star3c.gifRobert Lee "Bobby" Moore, died 02/03/2016, Fire

Stirling Moore died 2007, Police

Ester Morris, 2004, Fire spouse of Mike Morris

18star3c.gifWilliam F. Moyer, died 6/12/15, Fire

18star3c.gifRonald Leslie Mullins, died 10/01/19, Fire

Laura Ve Myers died 2007, Fire spouse of A.H. Myers


Russell L. Napier, Jr. died 12/12/18, Police

Louis F. Napoli, died 5/30/15, Police

Evelyn J. Neal, died 8/29/06, Police, s/spouse of Delano G. Neal

18star3c.gifRichard B. Nelson, died 1/23/17, Police

Clint K. Newman died 7/19/13, Fire

18star3c.gifRonald  L Nichols died 12/29/16 Police

18star3c.gifRobert Nicholson, died  3/1/13, Police

Joe E. Norris, 9/27/05, Police

William (Bill) J. Norris, 8/24/06, Fire

Robert Novakoski, 11/19/07, Fire


Toby O'Brian, 5/16/06, Police

18star3c.gifRichard "Rick" Allen Olewinski, 11/3/14, Police

18star3c.gifKeith S. Orcutt, died  10/30/12, Fire

18star3c.gifPaul Ortelli, 1/2/10, Police


Billy Parker, 10/7/08 Fire

18star3c.gifJohn Nelson Parker, died 12/14/19, Fire

Dorothy H. Parks, died 11/20/10, Police spouse of Arthur B. Parks, Sr.

Walter A. Pask, died 11/22/05, Police

Rebecca J. Pass, died 10/31/05, Fire, spouse of Woodrow D. Pass

18star3c.gifFred E. Patnode, 5/9/13, Police

18star3c.gifDennis Pemberton died 01/28/15, Fire

Harold L. Pepper, died 06/09/19, Fire

18star3c.gifClifford W. Perdue died 11/21/17, Fire

18star3c.gifMichele M. Perez, died 8/11/16, Fire

Rachel E. Perez, died 11/15/13, Fire surviving spouse of Antonio Perez

18star3c.gifWayne Edwin Peterson, died 08/29/14, Police

Lester Petrie, 10/23/07, Police

18star3c.gifJerry Thomas McLin Pharr, Sr. died 12/12/14, Fire

18star3c.gifDonald Phillips, Sr. 11/7/11, Police

Pauline S. Phillips, 10/6/16, Police surviving spouse of James B. Phillips

18star3c.gifSamm L. Philmore, Sr. 6/21/12, Police

18star3c.gifEdward "Pappy" Plourde, died 2/11/16, Police

Shelly E. Plymale, 4/8/20, Police

18star3c.gifGary L. Pohl, died 10/12/13, Police

Shirley Prescott, 2007, fire spouse of James Prescott

18star3c.gifLarry E. Prieto, died 12/24/12, Fire

Jerry Price, 9/2/09, Police

Winston F. Pricher, 10/11/03, Police

Peter J. Puleo, 9/13/16, Fire



18star3c.gifGerald  "Jerry" Rademaker, 6/16/12, Police

Ronald Charles Rager, Sr. 8/6/05, Police

Al Ratliff, Sr. 10/19/14, Police

William F. Rawlinson, 12/2/05, Police

Russell L. Reed, 7/18/05, Police

Amalia Reese, 2003, Police spouse of Bryan A. Reese

18star3c.gifHarold "Toby" Reese, Jr. 4/1/2014, Police

William Riccardo, 8/26/17, Fire

Lawrence F. Richardson, 7/14/20, Fire

Daniel Rio, died 2/12/13, Fire

18star3c.gifRaul H. Riveiro, Sr. died 1/7/10, Police

Elosis J. Roberts, died 2003, Police spouse of James G. Roberts

John W. Roberts, died 04/13/19, Fire

Martha Roberts, died 2/10/11, Fire spouse of Alfred O. Roberts

William C. Roberts, died 8/19/11, Fire

18star3c.gifGary J. Robertson, died 4/30/2012

Richard A. Robinson. died 7/2/13, Police

Melda T. Rodgers, died 4/22/04, Fire spouse of Claude E. Rodgers

Anthony V. Rodriguez, died 6/22/06, Fire

George A. Rodriguez, died 5/5/17, Police

Gilbert Rodriguez, Fire

Henrietta Rodriguez, died 6/10/15, Police spouse of George Rodriguez

Robert R. Rodriguez, 03/04/19, Fire

Steve Rodriguez, died 10/10/06, Fire

18star3c.gifJames L. Rogers, died 9/19/16, Fire

Joyce Rogers, 3/18/13, Fire spouse of  Carroll Rogers

Norma C. Rogers, died 4/23/04, Police spouse of Henry R. Rogers

18star3c.gifAnthony S."Tony" Romano, died 6/5/14, Police

Frank Rosado, Jr. died 11/5/12, Fire

18star3c.gifJames D. Rosselot, died 2/9/12, Police

Joseph G. Rossiter, 12/29/18, Fire



18star3c.gifEmilio Salabarria, died 9/16/18, Fire

Max M. Sanabria, died 8/7/11, Fire

18star3c.gifJennie C. Sanchez, died 8/21/16, Fire spouse of Julio A. Sanchez, Jr.

Julio A. Sanchez, Jr., 2003, Police

Odulio Sanchez, died 11/18/10, Fire

William G. Sandretsky, died 10/15/18, Police

William T. Sansom, 12/21/04, Fire

Robert V. Schnurr, died 2/11/06, Police

Wanda B. Schnurr, died 11/25/06, Police, spouse of Robert V. Schnurr

Harry E. Scott, died  10/29/19, Police

18star3c.gifJames C. "JC" Scott, died 8/28/16, Police

18star3c.gifJulius L. Scott died 12/5/17, Police

18star3c.gifEdward Seabrook, died 11/28/14, Fire

18star3c.gifKent Frances Seabrook, died 12/15/09, Fire

Harold B. Sells, died 7/4/10, Police

Juan Serrano, died 2/25/06, Police

18star3c.gifRoy Arthur Sharpless, died 8/20/15, Police

Marian K. Sherman, died 3/29/05, Fire spouse of Earl J. Sherman

Lawrence Siegel, died 9/2/10, Police

18star3c.gif James W. Sigmon, 9/12/16, Police

Lanny D. Simmons, died 2003, Fire

Flora Sims, died 2007, Fire spouse of Robert Sims

18star3c.gifRobert Sinclair, Sr. died 7/11/15, Police

Davey L. Singkofer, died 3/27/06, Fire

Nancy Sloan 1/23/18, Fire spouse of David Sloan

18star3c.gifGeorge R. Smith, died 5/17/11, Police

Howard P. Smith, died 1/9/04, Police

John T. Smith, died 4/16/05, Police

Oscar M. Smith, died 3/18/04, Police

Stephen  M. Smith, died 1/14/13, Police

George W. Snyder, died 6/19/06, Fire

John S. Sollazzo, died 7/22/10, Police

18star3c.gifManuel J. Solar, 10/31/16, Fire

Carlos Manuel Soto, died 11/7/07, Police

18star3c.gifHoward Thomas "H.T." Souther, died 03/17/15, Fire

18star3c.gifRalph Leroy Spangler, died 12/4/09, Fire

18star3c.gifEdward C. Spencer, 8/17/18, Fire

18star3c.gifGloria A. Spidel, died 7/9/15, Fire spouse of Richard Spidel

George Stanton died 2007, Fire

James F. Stanton, died 3/7/06, Police

18star3c.gifLinda M. Stanton, died 1/5/14, Police spouse of James Stanton

E. J. Stith, died 08/25/14, Police

18star3c.gifRobert Sparkman, died  3/7/13, Fire

18star3c.gifMark O. Stamatakis, died 11/29/12, Police

David E. Stead, died 04/07/19, Police

Joseph K. Steinberg, died 1/11/05, Fire

Ray Stevens, died 4/19/09, Fire

Kenneth W. Stillson, died 9/6/04, Police

18star3c.gifBennie H. Story, 9/25/17, Fire

Guy H. Strickland, died 5/19/11, Police

Louis E. Studenberg, died 08/26/19, Police

18star3c.gifLouis C. Swann, died 3/4/15, Fire

18star3c.gifFrank L. Swope, died  8/10/16, Police



Deborah S. Tadlock, died 8/13/11, Fire spouse of Royce Tadlock

18star3c.gifJames D. Taylor, died 01/29/15, Fire

Joseph D. Taylor, died 5/5/17, Fire

18star3c.gifWilliam L. Taylor, died 8/11/16, Police

Pauline Teijido, died 10/17/10, Fire spouse of Celestino Teijido

Bentley L. Thomas, died 8/19/17, Police

Jack D. Thompson, III, died 5/7/17, Police

Sion J. "Jack" Thompson, died 4/4/05, Fire

18star3c.gifVivian L. Thompson, died 5/24/2016, Fire spouse of William C. Thompson

18star3c.gifRonnie J. Tillman, 5/23/18, Fire

George E. Tinkham, Jr., died 1/25/05, Police

Dolvin W. Todd, died 9/28/15, Police

Guillermina Todd, 11/7/04, Fire spouse of Julius M. Todd

Lillian M. Toffaletti, died 8/22/11, Police

Elmer  Toenes, died 8/25/12, Fire

18star3c.gifJohn E. Tonkinson, died 2/23/16, Fire

David Torres Jr. died 2007, Fire

18star3c.gifRonald L. Towner, died 8/7/15, Fire

18star3c.gifJoseph P. Trainor, died 3/6/16 Fire

18star3c.gifRobert Trautman, died 12/13/14, Police

 18star3c.gifFrederick R. Tripp, died 2/17/14, Fire

18star3c.gifKatherine A. Trotter, died 8/10/16, Fire spouse of Richard Trotter

William A. Trowell, died 7/8/12, Police

Rosalie Tucker, 2/28/18, Fire spouse of Jim Tucker

Glen O. Turner, died 1/15/06, Police

18star3c.gifJohn Harold Turner, died 08/28/19, Police

18star3c.gifMiles Turner, Jr. 7/6/17, Police


Frank Urso died 2007, Fire

Gloria Urso, died 09/29/14, Fire spouse of Frank Urso


Lillian Vanderford, died 2003, Fire spouse of Otis L. Vanderford, Jr.

18star3c.gifAlvin Vanzant, died 5/16/17, Police

Anthony V. Verducci, died 8/23/11, Police

Aureo Vigil, died 9/7/04, Fire


Louis Henry Wadsworth, died 5/18/12, Fire

18star3c.gifWalter D. Wadsworth died 4/13/18, Fire

18star3c.gifCharles Wakefield, died 3/18/07 Police

Johnnie Wayne Walker, died 10/23/10, Police

Katherine I. Ward, died 10/10/12, Fire spouse of Vincent Ward

Vincent K. Ward, Sr., died 1/26/05, Fire

Barry Stuart Waters, died 4/16/05, Police

18star3c.gifCullen "Jack" Jackson Waters, Sr. died 09/30/19, Police

Dwight D. Waters, 7/1/20, Police

Joseph Waters died 2007 Fire

18star3c.gifDavid Q. Weaver-Rogers, died 08/26/19, Police

Roger D. Weaver, died 8/18/10, Fire

Jerry W. Weiss, died 3/11/16, Police

Betty Ann Wells, died 12/24/12, Fire spouse of Charles Wells

18star3c.gifFrancis B. Wells, Jr. Died 6/27/15, Fire

James Welnicki, died 2/27/11, Fire

James D. White, died 5/3/17, Fire

Tommie M. White, Jr., died 08/21/19, Fire

18star3c.gifWinfield S. Whitehurst, died 3/15/18, Police

James Whitley, died 12/8/05, Police

Jeanne Whitley, died 10/11/06, Police, spouse of James Whitley

John R. Whitt, died 2/15/98, Fire

Robert F. Whitt, died 12/30/15, Police

James R. Wightman, 9/4/17, Fire

18star3c.gifDoyle Williams, 7/26/17, Fire

James Williams died 2007, Police

Edward E. Wilkinson, died 10/18/19, Police

18star3c.gifJeffrey L. Wilks, died 3/10/17, Police

Winston A. Williams, died 10/13/15, Police

Robert C. Wilson, died 8/3/04, Fire

Thomas C. Wilson, died 5/31/2016, Police

William R. Winkley, died 7/20/12, Fire

Warren E. Wirt, died 3/23/11, Fire

18star3c.gifBeatrice Witt, died 5/14/13, Police spouse of Leo B. Witt

Leo B. Witt, died 1/15/06, Police

Doshie M. Wladyka, died 8/4/13, Fire souse of Theodore Wladyka

Theodore Wladyka, died 8/15/04, Fire

Harry R. Wolf, died 10/7/05, Police

Nelson B. Wolfgang, died 2003, Fire

Carlton Woodard, 6/27/17, Fire

Clarence V. Woodard, died 2/21/06, Fire

18star3c.gifJoseph Wooles died 8/20/07 Fire



18star3c.gifKenneth Yaksic, 8/9/17, Police

Raymond T. Yager, Sr. died 6/27/13, Fire

John M. Yaratch, died 4/21/16, Police

James T. Youngblood, died 9/1/15, Police

Lloyd M. Younglove, died 7/12/11, Police

Hattie Younglove, died 09/08/14, Police spouse of Lloyd Younglove


Leonard J. Zalac, died 7/17/10, Police